• If you do not wish to stay while your items are sorted, or for any reason opt to leave items as a "drop off", please note that the sort and selection of items to be added to your account will be done off premise at our sorting faculty and items we can't add to your account, will be automatically donated to charities we support.  There is no record of items donated.  Only items added to your account will be accounted for. 
  • IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS ABOUT AN ITEM BEING CONSIGNED PLEASE ADVICE US WHEN YOU BRING IN THE ITEM.  We want to do our best for you and communication is the key.  We want to exceed all your expectations!
  • You have the option to be paid by cheque or by store credit.
  • Cheques are issued quarterly and they expire after 6 months. It’s up to you to keep up with your account.  Unclaimed and unsold items & expired cheques become the property of Turnabout. 
  • Cheques are held at the store for pick-up unless you phone and ask for them be be mailed.  
  • You can bring in your items at any Turnabout location, but cheques can only be picked up at the location where your account was opened.
  • Accounts are charged for any service costs such as dry-cleaning, repairs & authenticating fees.
  • The appraised price is the fair market value, but it might not be the final price - items are markdown due to sales promotions and length of time in store.
  • Turnabout donates to local charities, including Nightshift Ministries in Surrey,  BC Children’s Hospital’s Still Fabulous shop and Cause We Care.