• You have the option to be paid by cheque or by store credit.
  • Cheques are issued quarterly and they expire after 6 months. It’s up to you to keep up with your account.  Unclaimed and unsold items & expired cheques become the property of Turnabout. 
  • Cheques are held at the store for pick-up unless you phone and ask for them be be mailed.  
  • Items not accepted for consignment can be donated to charity.
  • You can bring in your items at any Turnabout location, but cheques can only be picked up at the location where your account was opened.
  • Accounts are charged for any service costs such as dry-cleaning, repairs & authenticating fees.
  • The appraised price is the fair market value, but it might not be the final price - items are markdown due to sales promotions and length of time in store.
  • Turnabout donates to local charities, including Nightshift Ministries in Surrey,  BC Children’s Hospital’s Still Fabulous shop and Cause We Care.